I am a freelance photographer from Rome, and I invite you to your dream photoshoot. At the end of the day, I aim at causing tears of joy when you’ll be looking through the photos. I work all over Italy as a destination wedding photographer. It is my pleasure to offer you:

  • Family photoshoot;
  • Engagement photoshoot;
  • Wedding photoshoot;
  • Vacation photoshoot;
  • Honeymoon photoshoot.

Experienced Wedding Photographer in Rome, Italy

Qualifications speak for themselves. The top wedding photography in Rome and pleasant working atmosphere are the main priorities in my job. A magnificent wedding photoshoot and the most perfectly chosen sites that will correspond to all your preferences. Original concepts for future pictures will make your wedding day the most memorable and bright memory.

Why Rome Is Perfect for Wedding Photoshoot

Rome offers its visitors an unbelievable enjoyment with beauty all over around: nice facades, comfortable streets, magnificent ruins, wonderful atmosphere! I will gladly assist you in opting for the most suitable place and create the necessary vibe so that this precious day could become unforgettable. The occasion which will change the lives of newlyweds completely has to become fabulous! Just contact me, your wedding photographer, to inscribe this perfect day in your memories!

Love Story for Lovebirds

Usually, brides get upset when the wedding becomes just a memory and the wedding dress is no longer in use. They want to wear this dress at least once more and dive into the wedding vibe to recall all the emotions they felt on that day. You may also choose a love story in Rome for a married couple. The bride will have a chance to implement all her wishes that couldn’t be embodied previously till that time. Maybe, you wanted something special at your ceremony, but had some trouble getting it ready? This can become true with an Italian photographer! Don’t hesitate to speak out about all of your wishes!

Why Do Newlyweds Need a professional Photographer in Rome?

An Italian wedding photographer is not just someone with a camera in his hands who possesses some skills. This is that exact person who can reflect imperceptible beauty. A lot of people enjoy photography, but only some of them can create unique pictures that will remain, bring out vivid memories, and reproduce real happiness. Wedding photoshoots need a lot of practice. Everyone who has a chance to take such photos has to be entrusted with such a crucial memory of the most important and remarkable events in life – the birth of a new family. I have no right to make a mistake as my reputation makes my clients wait for excellent photos for engagements.

Hiring a Photographer in Rome for a Proposal photoshoot

Every couple has its own inimitable love story! Are you looking for a way to celebrate an extremely responsible step – your proposal? As an option, you can book a romantic photoshoot in one of the most romantic Italian tourist destinations – the wonderful city of Rome! Lovers, as a rule, act like kids. It can become a wonderful idea for a photoshoot: just mess around, and the photographer will do the rest. So pick a date with your partner. Make him/her feel like the happiest person in the whole world! A proposal photographer can help you make your dreams come true and remember such a fantastic day.

Unexpected Romantic Proposal with a Photographer

The enigmatic streets of Rome will make you wish to surprise your partner with amazing photos from a top pre-wedding photographer in the capital. Try to imagine her surprised but delightful face when you propose at the most charming site of such a romantic Italian city. It is worth a photoshoot, isn’t it? The price of a photographer in Rome will also please you. Here are the main qualities of this photoshoot which you will remember for a lifetime:

  • Top grade;
  • Personal approach;
  • Casual communication;
  • Adequate price for such a service.

Such kind of a photoshoot is a must if you want to have a love story that will remind you of a special event.

Honeymoon in Rome with a Personal Photographer

A lot of brides would dream of having excellent dynamic photographs from their honeymoon in the capital of Italy. I am proud to be trusted with such an important and delicate occasion. My photographs always show delicacy in motion. Probably, you will even fall in love with each other once more after you return home and look at your honeymoon photos. A photoshoot (Italy) is a must for newlyweds.

The Challenge of Choosing a Wedding Gift Is Solved!

In 14 days, you will have 100 flawless pictures, which will make you delighted. Photos of the highest quality can be downloaded from the web resource wetransfer.com. I use the well-known Leica M camera and the best Leica optics. All photos will convey the juiciest and the most vivid shades. You’ve come to the right place if your aim is good quality Italian holiday photography. I prefer meeting face-to-face and discussing everything in person and, additionally, even signing a contract to book the needed date. Each of your wishes regarding photos will be put at the top of the list.

All the Memorable Moments in Photos

If you choose to go to Rome on your honeymoon and want to have cool and professional photos, I will happily assist you. Only the brightest emotions, vivid colors, attractive culture, and the best sites that will suit your mood, feelings, and character. In addition, Rome has a vacation photographer service for families, too. A vacation photographer will become your guide to magical sites. You can rest assured that your photographer is a top qualified one in Italy. That’s the reason not to worry about how to choose the best photographer in Rome. Just review my work below!